What are you prescribed as pain relief for arthritis? I was on gabepentin, now trying pregabilin,

Just wondering what pain relief you are prescribed, from your G.P. what works and what isn't effective, I have fentaynl, eterocoxib, paracetamol and codiene, and pregabalin, I have no cartilage in my lower spine, my neck, knees and ankles, weather affects me dreadfully, cold/wet, hot/humid, I can't seem to win with this horrible disease...


  • Mike1
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    I have been prescribed every med for OA over the years, none of which negated my pain; I am now left on ever increasing amounts of morphine and even that only knocks the edge off.

  • shzbod
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    Thats interesting Mike, I am currently on fentaynl patch 50mcgs, as well as other drugs, pregabalin 100mgs bd, when I have been on gabapentin 600mgs tds, I am sick of pain, I cannot remember a day that I wasn't in pain, the pain clinic were worse than useless, they wanted to do an interprofessional meeting with managing my conditions, of the chronic pain syndrome, why? I know how to manage my conditions...I cannot walk very far, I use crutches to walk, I am very lucky and privileged to have a mobility car, maintaining my independence and freedom, at the moment curtailed by this awful killer disease covid 19, I have yet another talk with another GP, over the phone, just been referred to the orthotics department for advice about shoes etc, so I wait patiently again for more advice, if they could walk a day in our shoes....

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    I’m having a problem with trying to get a decent painkiller. I’ve been prescribed Naproxen (an anti inflammatory) after an unsuccessful nerve block in my knee. It hasn’t help, at least at the prescribed dose. I’ve been referred to a Triage Dept to try and work out the next step 😤🤔 The Pain in my knees is so bad that I use a mobility scooter now as every step I take is horribly painful. Everything I do has to be done sitting down. I don’t think anyone really gets it, do they? I hope you have some success soon.

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    Hi Shzbod so sorry you are having a hard time. I have tried many drugs the problem being most don't agree with me or they cause terrible side effects. I have tried both pregabalin and gabapentin but they not only made coping with the pain more difficult but I had such bizarre feelings and thoughts that it wasn't possible for me to stay on them. I became hypersensitive to noise and as I have a very noisy and abusive neighbour left me a nervous wreck. I was made to feel I was making myself react to the drugs and as I couldn't take them the pain management just washed their hands of me( the consultant was an arrogant so and so he did a spinal injection and only spoke to me to shout as I flinched when he hit a nerve the rest of the time he chattered to the nurses as if I wasn't even there.)

    I know what you mean about how important your independence is I have spent the last 20 years ignoring my neurosurgeons advice ( he refused to operate as I have 3 damaged discs in my neck lucky me! ) to use a wheelchair if I have pain walking and save myself the bother. I live in a rural area with only a small stretch of footpath the rest of the area is serviced by tracks and paths so I have fought to keep mobile.

    I have insoles from the podiatry department and they help cushion the soles of my feet but they don't really help with the pain it is going to be there if I walk Sitting is just as painful as the nerve damage in my spine makes the skin on my legs feel as if it badly burnt or being eaten my insects. I use distraction as much as possible.

    I hope you find something that helps you, and I know there are few people who could deal with anything like we have to put up with. I have found myself becoming less sympathetic when some people complain all the time about nothing I just don't have the strength to help them and myself and end up feeling shellfish. I am not talking about anyone on here as we are all in the same boat.

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    Hi Stella bean,

    What a travesty that you have endured, I can only sympathise that the way you have been treated is nothing more than callous and cruel, I would complain loudly to his superior and put it in writing. Its very interesting that you say the damage to your back makes your legs feel like they are on fire, I have felt this feeling many times and put it down my electric blanket!! I am talking with my doctor again on Monday, this time I will make him listen! I am tired of shabby services and put offs, its about time that we were heard, we are the ones that walk in this pain agony everyday, not them, I understand that covid 19 is a priority, but do I see consultant and registrars giving this life saving injection? No! I am just tired of saying pain, please eleviate it, brushed off, naproxen is a higher strength doseage than ibuprofen,

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    Private Hospitals are still providing elective surgery such as hip replacements, plastic surgery and so forth during the pandemic and the majority of their Consultants also work for the NHS, so it just goes to prove that money talks!

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    Well that is an eye opener Mike, but why am I surprised at that fact? I am aware consultants and registrars are in the private as well as the public sector, in fact my consultant orthopaedic man works doing exactly the same job in the NHS as well as the circle hospital in Bath.

    Last time I saw this man he had a trainee with him, i introduced myself but I might of well have been at home, I was the ankle, not a person, so when did I get dehumanised? Next time I will just send my ankle for a consult!!!

    I can understand that excruciating pain can be stopped with surgical intervention, and money take you right to the top of the queue, reducing the waiting list and NHS resources, but its sad that we the public, in the middle of a pandemic emergency, have to wait our turn, but if they put cases of covid in nightingale hospitals, and had say 2 clean wards, and dedicated theatres for surgical operations then, we could have said operations, further reducing the waiting list, as cases are piling up, with no respite in sight at the moment! Just a thought! Have a nice day!

    I have to go and collect my glasses today, another condition to add to my list of ailments, a mild cataract in right eye, who ever said old age don't come alone was exactly catarect!!!

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    I’m horrified by some of the tales of arrogance from the medical profession. Ive also experienced similar but only when the private sector have been requisitioned to clear backlogs in partnership with my general practice. I must tell of my first consultant however at Wrightington Hopsital under the NHS. I was 45 and needed a hip replacement so felt very vulnerable. He treated me with so much kindness and respect that I will think of him and thank him forever - Mr Wroblewski. He was a giant amongst orthopaedic surgeons. He gave a me a right hip replacement which is still going strong after 18 years. He gave me hope and help. I still suffer with osteoporosis arthritis - it is a pain in the neck!