Steriod injections


I am waiting to hear from Rheumatology dept as they have said they might give me some injections in my knees. My knees and feet are hurting really bad and also my shins and back of legs. I don’t know whether or not the pain is radiating all from my feet. I can hardly walk it’s so bad. My own GP office have said they will inject my feet if Rheumatology agree it might help. I’m lost what to do the pain is very bad. I can’t see the podiatrist NHS I’ve been told because of the pandemic. I’m thinking of trying to go private but don’t want to if I don’t have to because I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t want to get signed off from NHS


  • SoniaR
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    Hi, steroid injections do work but they don’t last for long. For me by week 6 it wears off. Still worth doing if it is offered. Have you been offered any pain relief? You have to ask for it but it may help you. Hope you get on okay if you choose to see the podiatrist. They are experts on feet after all! If you have the funds then go.

  • airwave
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    The injections do not work for everyone and I’m probably in the minority 😋 and if you do have them they have a limited time in which they can assist with healing.

    The crystals in the drug take about three days or so to dissolve and start to be carried around your system by osmosis, until the crystals do dissolve it can cause discomfort which will be short lived. The treatment can cause a weakening of the injected tissue , if you get the choice, give it a go it may well help you.

    its a grin, honest!

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    I’m afraid they didn’t work for me at all but it was worth a try. So disappointing