Winter Blues

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It wont take hold this pain of mine, I refuse to let us both entwine

There seems to be no good relief, I cant remember perfect sleep.

I hate this cold the ice the snow the chill that cuts into the bone,

it stops me going far from home and so I sit here all alone.

Do we take a step outside to risk a fall a slip a slide.

I feel like Bambi on the ice oh where are you warm paradise.

I'd warm my bones with in the sun, goodbye cold you weren't much fun.

So now the warmth the ray's of light will give me rest within the night.

I close my eyes to another day and pray this cold will stay away.


  • GalaxyA12
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    Heatherbee New member newly diagnosed Osteoarthritis about 6 months. Your poem i and others i'm sure can relate to and true poetry. i would like to attempt poetry from the angle of observing life as i travel on forced to local bus but a blessing. i live in a traditional seaside town and the window on people living their lives scene to scene like a play as the bus progresses along and cinematic style change of scenery footage along the route at differing times as a poem would be a happy distraction making best of the Osteoarthritis a relief-not Bus.