Pain my friend or foe

A few hours before morning light. I wake but not with such a fright. As like so many days before i know that pain it's been before.

Its visits me all through the day then creeps and sneaks through out the night just like a thief it takes from me, my freedom and my agulity.

I moan, I groan, I creak I wobble I even do some sort of hobble. My back my leg my hip my knee it feels like there not part of me they will not do what they are told my bones they feel so very old.

I hope to wake one day to find the pain has gone and I have grew so very strong I'd walk in strides without a stick I'd even think that I was quick. But as in dreams where I can run I'd wake and fined this pains no fun.

Its burns it throbs my bones they rub it feels right down to a snarling nub. It take a while for my body to move it's really never very smooth I drag i crawl, i limp i hunch it can feel like i have took a punch.

There's times when life can look pretty grim it takes a hold and i shout I wont let you in. iv shook it off many times before. And say it time for you too go. I wont let you take charge of me yes pain you belong too me.