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Hello I am new to this site and I have just signed up for let's move with Leon. Looking forward to chatting and getting hints and tips on dealing with pain.


  • Hi @Fizz!

    Welcome to the online community!

    It's fantastic that you've signed up for Let's Move with Leon - exercise can be really beneficial for people with arthritis, including easing pain. Here's a link if you're interested in finding out more:

    I encourage you to browse the community and feel free to join in with any discussions you find interesting. For a good chat I recommend the Chit-chat forum.

    It's nice to meet you!

    Sarah (mod)

  • helen44
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    I have just registered and I have just received diagnosis and lots of exercises to do lol.

    Hope everyone is well.

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    Hello and a warm welcome to you @helen44

    Thank you for joining our online community and for your message. Its always lovely to see someone new here!

    Im sorry to hear of your new diagnosis and that you have been given a lot of exercises to do.

    Please feel free to look around on the main Versus Arthritis website as it has a lot of useful information, especially for new diagnosis's. Ive included a couple of links below that will take you to some basic information about the different types of arthritis etc, which may be useful to yours well as information on living with arthritis, I hope that this is helpful for you.

    Please feel free to get stuck in to the online community and join in on anything when you want to. There tends to always be someone around and we are a friendly bunch.

    Take care

    Anne (mod)