What causes OA?



Three years ago I was stiff and in pain everywhere...I had mri, and saw a rheumatologist...she agreed I’d got reduced range of motion but the Mri and bloods showed no inflammation, and she discharged me back to gp and I was given physio a few times and nothing more was said....gradually the joint pain went and I put it down to some sort of virus....this year my hip ceased up, really hurts, I had some private physio over the summer...eventually went to gp as it was getting very painful to walk. X-ray was done, sent to msk triage who has just told me I need a full hip replacement due to OA. I’m wondering what causes OA, my X-ray shows a big deterioration since the original scan. Can a rheumatologist diagnose OA or is that just for RA? Are they totally different diseases? I’m very shocked that I’ve gone straight to hip replacement level. I have been under a lot of stress this year. My husband died suddenly, and I’m a full time teacher so getting to grips with covid changes....could stress have caused the OA or is it just simply wear and tear arthritis?


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    Hi @LizS

    You may find these links helpful. If you scroll down through the last one, it shows some exercises specific to hip damage.

    I haven't been able to find links between OA and stress on this site, but I think I've seen it mentioned on others. But being a complete stress bunny myself through work, it would be safe to say that when you're pushing yourself too hard and "running on empty", painful conditions become more noticeable. It may be that you're asking too much of your body and not listening to the warnings it's sending out, so that the inflamed tissues caused by the hip damage get worse.

    Self care is usually the first thing to go out of the window when you're under pressure. Try to think of yourself as "The Patient" now, and to build self-care into your daily routine. It's not slacking, it's essential maintenance to keep your body going. It's a bit of a change in mindset when you've lived your life with few limitations, but it will help you get through the pain and reduced mobility you'll have to deal with until you get this sorted. It's important that you do this.

    I hope these help meanwhile.