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Hi all

I’m a 55 year old living in Sussex looking to make connections with others in my situation. I am part way through diagnosis and triage but everything is on hold with the pandemic. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis but am waiting for the results of an MRI I had in December. I am a bit lost with it all, but determined to be proactive as it’s taken me 5 years of persistence to get this far.

im in a lot of pain and noticing how quickly my mobility and ability to do everyday things is becoming reduced. I am generally a bubbly optimistic person but am kind of at the end of the road with this. In addition, I have a 19 year old son with complex special needs and learning disabilities which brings additional challenges!!!! My husband ( not my sons father) is brilliant but doesn’t really get the emotional impact of living with this.

I’m hoping to make some new friends, have a laugh and share tips with others who “get” how draining living with this and battling for support can be. I’ve just signed up for Get Moving with Leon, so sharing tales of injuries with others will be good too lol.

thanks for reading this massive message if you’ve had the stamina to reach the end!

Love DB🙂


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    Hi @Dragonbird welcome to the forum can I ask where your arthritis is? Mine is in my hip and lower back its a nightmare at times but this forum is a godsend

  • Dragonbird

    Hi @Jewels

    Thanks for replying :-) Sit down, it's a bit of a list haha: Hands (wrists, fingers) knees, back, ankles and beginning in toes. Waiting for my hips to join the party.

    Yep, it's a nightmare, I think not having anyone who really gets it doesn't help either. I try not to get too angry but the fact I was fobbed off for so long does keep annoying me because maybe things may not have progressed so much. I'm trying to be proactive though, and do what I can until I get the referrals through.

    How far are you in the whole process?

    DB x

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    It was my physio who sent me for mri on my hip and lower back then because of the results he referred me to orthopaedic last year and I've had 2 appointments with ortho now he's referring me to reumotology and spoke about meds which I am nervous about but at the moment I'm having pains in my hand and my feet kept me awake the other night so don't look good lol I'm only 45 with 5 kids so it's doing my head in a bit so I know how you feel and ur right about nobody seems to get it properly meaning family and friends they're supportive but well you know what I mean 🤔 hope that's the right emoji haha