I nominate a good or horrible person

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I'm afraid I met a horrible man!

Normally Mr Legs and I go out for a walk together but sometimes he likes to go further than I can manage so the other day we went out separately.

I'd walked a fair way for me when there was a driverless car poking out of the bottom of someone's drive blocking the pavement all the way to the road! As I got closer a guy came and unlocked it. I asked him if he was about to move the car and he said yes he was going to reverse it, so I said in that case I would wait. He told me to walk round it! My mobility issues are very obvious but he said and did nothing just watched me till I stepped off the pavement and onto the road! I was fuming but also a woman on her own so there was nothing I could do except curse him and wish that he is struck down by painful lower joints with no painkillers!

I do know for this one rotten person there are lots more lovely ones.


  • Jona
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    Hi Linda legs

    I totally get where your coming from it’s like heavy sigh and tribal what you should have said was one day my prince will come and he will be a gentleman and remind him crap seems to only happen to nice people so he will be ok eh?

    onwards and upwards nasties not worth your time or consideration 😊😉

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    Hi Lnda Legs I know how you feel we have a man here who jogs on the narrow pavement and expects every one to get out of his way so he doesn't have to break his stride. If you don't move for him he tries to shoulder barge you I was ready for him and he managed to hit my crutches as he ran at me. the resounding whack and his grunt of pain was priceless I hope he will give me more room next time. Someone is breaking all the ties on the gates on the local footpaths that stop the sheep pushing out and we have a theory it is the joggers doing it they have even cut off a latch fastener on one gate, the footpath officer has been told and he is going to look at maybe chains.

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    You're right Jona he's not worth it and perhaps Karma is just round the corner for him!


    There are some rotten people out there Stellabean, Well done for using your crutches, I didn't know they were a weapon too! I hope they get the tile breaker sorted. In old forum days we would've set Cris (@skezier) on them wouldn't we (@frogmorton) Toni!? Cris was a great sheep protector she would've kept an all night vigil!

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    Absolutely @lindalegs Cris (@skezier ) is still a serious protector of sheep!

    I hear from her she is doing ok and hasn't changed a bit. @stellabean reminds me of Cris quite a bit loving animals especially sheep!


  • lindalegs
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    That's good news, please send her my love when you're next in contact.

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    Will do Legs no problem🙂