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Afternoon all

I was diagnosed with moderate OA of the knee a couple of weeks ago, It was only by chance as I'd asked for some more meds so my GP's surgery wondered if seeing the physio would help. I saw a different physio a year ago who thought I had an injury. All I can focus on is the word moderate and not that fact that she said the first stage would be an injection and I'm nowhere near that yet and my leg was strong. Nothing has changed bar that word. Is it worth me asking for an X-ray to see how bad it is?

As a result I've gone into a bit of an overdrive of panic/anxiety which is ridiculous as I'm reasonably fit, not in pain, as a rule and still mobile (but not the fell/10 mile walking mobile I was).

However I wanted ask you guys, those of you with this, do you get pains/aches in your lower leg? My knee doesn't really hurt but I get a sort of 'pulling' just below the inside of my left knee, which when continuous can make me have a gait or limp. I'm obviously keen to avoid a gait or limp as I think that will eventually damage hips, other knee etc. also the muscles in my lower leg can ache.

I hope this doesn't sound as me being selfish or uncaring, as from reading these forums, some of you are dealing with some really painful stuff but I'm keen to nip this in the bud/halt any progress (does OA always get worse?).

Thanks for listening, sorry to have to put it out there, but I live alone and no one really to say this all too and it's going round and round in my head and getting worse every time it does x

stay safe folks x


  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Lucinda

    With a new diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee it is understandable that you want to know more and are a bit worried. It is worth learning about osteoarthritis and there is quite a bit you can do to help manage the condition. Our web site has some great information, including exercise, reducing strain on the knees, as well as coping when feeling low or having sleeping problems.

    Specifically, here is a link to document download on knee exercises that you can try:

    Do join in across the Community, call in for a chat and also say how you are getting on. You will be most welcome!

    All best wishes


  • SoniaR
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    Hi, I think you need an X-ray. It’s the only way to really diagnose OA. You may have a bit of a wait due to covid - my doctor’s sent us all messages to say they are busy with vaccines and covid and only to call them if it is an emergency! My knee OA pain is in both inner knee caps. As my pain is quite severe, it may mask any lower leg pain. I think once you’ve had an X-ray then you can get a proper diagnosis. Take care. Sonia

  • Lucinda
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    Hi @SoniaR

    Thank you x I spoke to the physio yesterday and asked for an X ray. No idea what sort of wait time it will be but it will hopefully set my mind at rest one way or another and will know exactly what it is. Thanks for your reply.

    Stay safe and well x