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Support, resources for younger people with Osteoarthritis

BLuk83BLuk83 Member Posts: 5

Hi there

I am 37yo man and have been living with diagnosis of Osteoarthritis for the last 5 years. GP has given support for pain relief in terms of naproxen, paracetamol and codiene phosphate. I tried engaging with an NHS physio but beyond exercises they were able to direct me to any other support. I am overweight and this is a factor in the level of pain and also a variable on future care needs (i.e a hip replacement). Unfortunately though I haven’t been able to find anything to stick with that been able to help shift things. Jogging was my go to exercise abs strongly warned off that.

Anyway I would value a bit of peer support and to understand what other people around my age find effective and is there is anything out there tailored towards arthritis friendly exercise.

Thanks so much.



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