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Hi I am new here. I have had Arthritis since I was 24 but they think I had it before that. I have it in my spine which they say is Rheumatoid Arthritis. It affects all my joints I walk very slow with crutches, so I use a mobility scooter mostly. I get bad head days, that seems foggy. I also have a marriage of Ulcerative Colitis which goes with it so they say.I am 60 now.

I am feeling very low at the moment being home for almost a year not going out cos of the COVID-19. I get no help but I do have carers which help me with showers and getting dressed. Which I have to pay towards. The government do not seem to help us.


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    Hi @Teresa15

    Welcome to the online community,glad you have found us and you are posting.

    Yes Corona virus has got us all either sheilding or being very careful and isolation can have its own affect for everyone so i can understand your views. It is good to talk with others however and on this forum there is a variety of topics that will help as everyone is friendly and sympathetic.

    Just find a forum you like and start chatting you will soon get some one to talk to and you v

    can join in with any discussion going onAvoiding isolation – our top tips | Versus Arthritis

    this is a link that might help .take care and please keep in touch .


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