Random Flare Up?!

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Please help!

I have RA and currently take Methotrexate. I had to stop taking it for a week due to my liver test results. Once I stopped taking it the pain returned a little and I assumed this would go back to normal. I have now been back on it 3 weeks and the pain is gradually getting worse

This morning I’ve woken up in agony in my right wrist and fingers. It’s Saturday so there is no one to speak to for any advice. I’m new to flare ups so I don’t have a method to deal with this.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can reduce the pain, what to take? Who I could contact?

My rheumatology advice line doesn’t operate at weekends and my GP Surgery are next to useless

I’m working all wrecking and I’m at a total loss 😿


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    Sorry to hear you are in such pain. I have Palindromic RA controlled by a low dose of MTX and have been in remission for a long time. Latterly I have a had quite a bad flare up and a few days of swelling and pain mostly wrists. I know of several others experiencing the same at the moment. I really think it is mostly the extreme wet weather. The only pain control recommended by my rheumatology specialist nurse is paracetamol which is what I take. Try drinking plenty of water to cool the inflammation and keep the joint warm using a wheat bag or hot water bottle if you have one. Rest if you can but gently exercise the joint to ease the stiffness. If you like herbal tea that might help as well. Nothing you haven't thought of I'm sure and if you are working it might be difficult. Have you tried the VA helpline? I would contact your advice line on Monday as you might need a treatment review. Hope you feel better soon.