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I'm a 44 year old carpenter, been having systemic joint problems for the last 8 years along with gut issues. Neck , shoulder to finger and hips to toes , only in the last 6 months the mild pain is getting more severe and frequent. I've visited my GP and rheumatologist many times over the years. Its been suggested I've hypermobility but my GP believes its all osteoarthritis. In this last 6 months crepsis and pain has caused anxiety , most my above mentioned joints pop and snap frequently. I sometimes feel like the world is closing in and ponder on what the future holds . I shall read your notes and emails with interest. I guess I'm looking for some positivity and hopefully push some to you .

Take care



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    Covid or not mate you need to get a proper diagnosis so that treatment can be started, ask your GP for x-rays or an MRI scan to confirm what is going on. Then a referral to a pain clinic would be useful. Good luck.

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    Hi Martin

    I agree with all that’s been said but ask first for a gp that has an interest in osteoarthritis at your practice before you make the appt, I didn’t and they focussed more on depression and anxiety so it took longer to get my X-ray and tests in fact I was referred to a rheumatologist and he was really nasty so I ended up walking out of the consultation hence another 2 years passed dig your heels in for the proper tests first including a blood test to check your inflammation markers

    Once i got proper testing and diagnosis the pieces all fit together and it took away most of the anxiety, I’m very unconfident now as a person because I knew something was wrong but no one would listen don’t be fobbed off ask the receptionist on booking which doctor has an interest in msk and good luck

    let me know how you get on

    Jona 😊

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    Hi @MLucas

    Nice to meet you, but sorry it's because you also have this disease 😕

    It's tough when extra things start to happen. You cope with what is going on then something new appears and it is a real blow.

    Is it possible to change your work at all to make life easier for yourself and enable you to keep working?

    You have had great advice already from Jona and Mike and Chris K.

    My advice is to keep talking it really helps and here is the right place to do so. We understand and unlike family and friends it doesn't upset us too much.

    Take care