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Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has used this gel. I don't want to buy it just in case it doesn't work aswell has it says. Thank you stay safe love to you all Glynis xx


  • Never heard of it, stay safe also

  • Hi Glynis-I've only just joined this site and I was looking for any comments regarding this gel. I have actually bought some and it arrived last Saturday 20 February and so I've only been using it for 3 days. I haven't at the moment actually noticed any great improvement ( though Ibuprofen gel 10% was just the same) though reading the reviews that everybody was raving about, somebody did say it took 2 weeks for an improvement to be felt and now this reviewer wouldn't be without it. The company I bought it from gave a guarantee ( can't remember how many days) that if you're not satisfied you can return the tube ( even empty) and get a full refund. I'll carry on with it until I've used it all which could be a while as it's a 150g tube and let you know how I go. I'm hoping it will work x

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