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Just wanted to say, it is ok not to be ok. Some days I am in a lot of pain but I can’t have anything for my pain as I can not have anti- inflammatory tablets.

please stay safe everyone x


  • Mike1
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    Pain control is not just about medications, have a look at https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/treatments/

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    Hi @Teresa15 lovely to meet you and yes it is ok not to be ok.

    There is pain relief as well as anti-inflammatories. The simplest being paracetamol of course. I say never underestimate the power of a warm wheatbag (the kind you microwave) on sore joints.

    I think the info Mike1 has linked for you gives much more than my simplistic post about different treatments that might help us.

    Take care

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    Hi @Teresa15

    Was scrolling through the "Say Hello" Form and came across your post.

    The answer is "Yes" it is ok to not be ok.

    How come you can't take anti-Inflammatory tablets. I was on them for about 6 years then after being poorly and in hospital I get told I'm not allowed to take them anymore and I had them taken of me. Nothing was put in its place. I was in total agony so I can understand what pain you are in. Do you see a pain management team?

    There are painkillers that don't have anti-inflammatory in them. Have you been offered them?

    If you want to talk more I am always here. We all have to stick together!

    Stay safe

    FruitBat xx