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Hi I am new just wondered how many meds people tried before they got a one that agreed with them. Xx


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    Hi @Shazza65

    I have just answered your question you posted first. Not too sure if you have read it yet.

    To be honest I think it all depends on the person and also what type of Arthritis you have got.

    If you have been newly diagnosed then because there are so many medications around you have to make sure you find the right one. When I was first diagnosed, I think I tried all of them under the sun but then I found the right one and it is like when you get a new outfit or car. When you know it is the right one then you just know.

    However, there is one tip If anything that I can give you. Don't stop talking to your RA Consultant and Nurse. They are your life lines.

    Stay Safe


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    I have widespread OA and have tried every available drug over the years before being stuck on ever increasing amounts of Morphine for the past few years.

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    Hi @Shazza65

    Gosh....a fair few! It depends whether you are talking pain relief of DMARDs (disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs)

    With pain relief a few worked in the earlier days and then got less effective and the strength had to go up of the medication and then the type of medication.

    With the DMARDs 3 for me I have been very lucky 🙂