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Good to meet you

Clare28Clare28 Member Posts: 2

Hi, I have had RA for over 40 years since I was a teenager. I have been on Enbrel since 2003 and it changed my life but the damage to my joints was already done . I have found the hardest thing during lockdown and sheilding is not being able to swim. Not only is it part of my daily regime but it keeps me moving and reduces my pain


  • Aj_xAj_x Moderator Posts: 153

    Good Afternoon @Clare28

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum.

    The lockdown has been challenging for everyone I think when it comes to exercise and stopping their joints from seizing up, locking and just generally keeping their joints moving.

    Is there any other activity that you have tried? Or because swimming used to do the trick (so to speak) that is the one that you stuck with.

    There is a Forum in the "Living with Arthritis" heading called Let's Move. Leon who runs the forum is brilliant. I will post the link below and maybe go in there and have a chat with him and see what he can do. I am sure there are other members of the forum that are in exactly the same position as well so it might be nice to speak to someone who is going through the same.

    Let's Move — Versus Arthritis

    Looking forward to seeing you back and telling us all about what Leon has got you doing.

    Stay Safe


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