Just a bit down in the dumps

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I’m shielding I’m a nurse I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for about twenty something years I had a really bad car accident when I was younger so my arthritis came on a lot quicker due to shock to the body I’m feeling a little down in the dumps


  • Mike1
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    I am in awe of the work that the medical profession is doing, hopefully your shielding will not last that long and you can get back amongst your colleagues who will pick you up.

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    Welcome to the forum its great to you have found us.These days of covid has found us all feeling a bit down in the dumps i must admit and everyone has their way of coping.

    Here is a link i think may help you

    Arthritis and coronavirus – looking after your emotional wellbeing (versusarthritis.org)

    Why dont you go to our forums there are a lot of very friendly and helpful people that will chat and try to help.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi Simon

    welcome and lovely to hear from you, you can’t help having ra and you would be doing what you’ve trained for but look at it this way when all this is over and I really hope it is soon you will be needed more than ever so look at it this way your colleagues are doing a fantastic job and I have nothing but praise for them but they will need you rested and well to help with all the people that have had treatments put on hold through all this and I’m sure you will be there fit and healthy so keep being safe coz we the public will need you

    hugs Jona 😊