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Hi guys I’m new to this so hello to everyone hope your all as well as can be. I have a quick question if anyone can help, I’m struggling to find any info on the best types of mattresses you can use for a good nights sleep for anyone with arthritis, I’ve bought two different types thus far with the both being absolutely useless and were bought on recommendation from the shops staff but I guess if they don’t suffer from any form of arthritis how could they actually know? So I’m hoping to ask the opinions of my fellow arthritic companions, I’m tired of being tired and I’m tired of waking up so stiff and sore from a rubbish nights sleep, greatly appreciate any input or recommendations. Thank you, Mike.


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    Welcome to the online community,great you have found us.

    You say you need a comfy mattress,yes we all have our own ways and matresses of getting a goodnights sleepSleep | Improving your sleep when you have arthritis (

    Maybe this link will help you decide. Meanwhile why dont you go to our forums and chat to others they may have some suggestions.

    All the best Christine

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    Hello mate, I have an electric adjustable bed and a 1500 spring mattress with a separate memory foam topper, despite this I only get 2 or 3 hours kip a night. To chose a mattress you are best off going to a shop that has a device which maps your body when you lie on it - see adverts on TV - I did this and even then cannot get a decent nights sleep.

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    Hi Mike

    I get where your coming from I feel like that story the princess and the pea

    I think I’ve tried every mattress going but I agree with Mike1 go to a shop and try loads out good luck