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Hi I am new to this group, I have psoriatic Arthritis & having to like a lot of people work from home. I am online all day & my workload has grown since lockdown. I am finding myself in a vicious cycle of poor sleep, heavy fatigue & experiencing heavy pain. I have really started to lose motivation & was wondering if anyone has any good advice to share with me. I am desperately trying to manage this before taking steps to ask my GP for SSRIs again as I have been off these for nearly 3 years now. I would really appreciate any suggestions I have tried a lot of self help but my after my day of work I have heavy fatigue, despite this I’m unable to switch off & relax.


  • Hi @Sarabella,

    Welcome to the online community! I'm glad you've decided to join us and I'm sure you'll find the people here very friendly and helpful :)

    I see that you are experiencing, pain, fatigue, and poor sleep while working from home and that this is affecting your motivation. I've provided a link for a great page on fatigue - it might help you to understand the possible causes of fatigue, and it provides some tips for fatigue management:

    I know some people find meditation a good way to relax before bed, so this might also be worth a read:

    Perhaps you could talk to your doctor about your physical pain, as there might be a different treatment option that is more effective for you. Additionally, you could talk to your GP about motivation, sleep, and fatigue - as you are feeling low but not comfortable going back on SSRIs, you could ask your GP to refer you for talking therapy on the NHS (you can also self-refer for talking therapy) - this is currently online or over the phone.

    In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look around the online community and feel free to join in any discussion you like.

    Sarah (mod) x

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    Have you tried booking on to work at a different time? My daughter books on at six every morning and finds the peace and quiet a good time of day without stress or phone calls. Other family members make sure they stop at regular intervals then walk at lunchtime. Have you spoken to your boss yet? It may reveal some help?

    You may not have proper facilities at home such as supportive chairs and correct height desk and feet and wrist rests, all these factors count towards your wellbeing. Glasses for using the screen with correct focal length?

    its a grin, honest!