Hello I have arthritis due to an accident in a car I had years ago I have joined a walking group in spain and usually we walk about 6km have a coffee in a cafe and walk back, but because of corona virus we can’t I walked there and back with a friend only and I was nearly home and got terrible pains in both hips and back and was leaning to one side. I managed to drive home and took a paracetamol and sat on the sofa all afternoon and rested in the morning I was pain free do you think I did too much?


  • Mike1
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    As someone who cannot walk unaided at all and has to use a wheelchair I would assume so.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Gemini

    What a shame that you have got so out of practice with your walking with the Virus 😕

    It does sound as though you ought to think about building back up a bit more steadily. Have you thought about using walking poles or a stick? I use walking poles which takes some of the pressure off.

    It's good to hear that some painkillers and a good rest overnight and things rae back to normal at least.

    Take it steady

  • stellabean
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    Hi Gemini , if I haven't done my usual exercise or walking for any length of time either due to operations or flare ups I have built up slowly. It doesn't take long for our joints and muscles to loose their strength and they appreciate being worked a little less to begin with.

    We can't walk much at the moment as we have had snow or ice since before Christmas and I am fed up of it, still Spring is on it's way.I use 2 crutches due to spinal and joint damage but I did use walking poles before that and they were helpful. Hope you manage to get back to your usual walking soon.

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    Hi Gemini, well you just about answer your own question, if we’re not talking about overdoing the walking and your condition is not changing then I would think that you’ll need to do the others have said and work back up to what you achieved earlier? It’s why athletes train constantly, use it or lose it.

    Be aware that arther can bite at any time and it’s never for the best so be sure to take your new build up in exercise gently.

    its a grin, honest!