Hey I’m on methotrexate and have been since September, I’m in almost daily flares and currently having one so bad it worst then before being diagnosed. Affecting by ability to walk. I’m newly diagnosed And just understanding the difference between the pain I deal with daily and an actual flare. How bad does it have to be before contacting rheum nurses. Because my positivity is wearing out


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    Don't try to brave it out, phone them now!

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    Hello @Hannahbee92 and welcome to the online community,

    You’ve been on methotrexate since September but it doesn’t seem to be controlling your RA flare-ups and you wonder if you should contact your Rheumatology Nurse. I would say it’s definitely time to contact them. Methotrexate does take a while to start taking effect - up to 12 weeks - but by now you should be seeing some difference. It might be that your dosage needs to be modified, as it can sometimes take a while for you to find how much suits you. Additionally, you could ask about anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs) if you’re not already taking them. They work to stop the inflammation that causes pain, while methotrexate deals with the actual disease ( disease-modifying). You might find it useful to read about the different treatments for RA on the Versus Arthritis website, and also some suggestions for self help to treat the pain:

    It was great to see you posting a comment on the forum in response to another member’s problem. The online community is made up of people who have all experienced arthritis in some way and everyone offers support and advice. Thank you for your contribution and I hope you continue to post. I’m sure others will want to welcome you and offer their support to you.

    All the best,

    Anna ( Moderator) : )

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