Cider Vinegar


Hi everybody, I was diagnosed with RA a year ago and me as well I came across Margaret Hills diet. As well this was the first time when I read the forum on this website. I remember somebody made a comment that no people with positive results writes on this forum and she hopes it’s because the diet helped them and they are pain free.

I decided to try Margaret Hills way cause honestly when I read the side effects of the pills I was offered I was pretty scared and as well my father had RA and he was taking this medicine and yes it did helped with the pain but the side effects was pretty bad.

I started in April 2020. I was in the stage I wished I don’t have to stand up from the bed but I have 2 year old so I had to. Everything in my body was in pain and stif. I couldn’t hold the kettle, cause my hands couldn’t handle it, brushing my teeth was a hard as well. I had tears in my eyes every time I bend my knees. Do the squat ... forget it. My feet I couldn’t walk properly, no chance to run, I couldn’t stand on my tip toes. Couldn’t move my toes ...And so on. I believe everybody who has RA knows what I am talking about. But here I am. February 2021. The only stiffness in my body when I wake up in the morning is my left index finger. I have zero pain in the rest of my hands, zero pain in my right knee. Very little pain in my left knee. My feet still hurt but I can run, I move my toes freely first time in the morning. I still can’t stand on my tip toes but my life is almost the same like before the disease. I am on strict diet I am taking supplements and of course apple vinegar every day.

now I don’t say it’s gonna help everybody. To me it helped maybe because I was just diagnosed I don’t know truly, but I thank god every day that I found this way. And as well I think it is about the time. I am on treatment in April will be one year and I am still not 100% but I am like 60-70% so even if it takes 2 years I am in .

thank you for reading