Hi just wondering if any one has tried flexiseq for their osteoarthritis and what results are like,.cheers



  • Ray
    Ray Member Posts: 7

    Guess know one has

    Brought small tube of it 50g was discounted cost £11.25 online.

    Looked at u tube video and read instructions before using it

    Two things stand out first you do not rub it in and you dont cover hole area. You spread it around in my case right hip button the fleshy part just after the bone not on or over the bone . Second thing is you leave it to dry which can take 10 mins some people suggest using hairdryer to speed things up. First application gone on no surprise no change yet. Seems to be one of these gels or creams the more you use it the more it helps. Its applied 2 times a day. Fingers crossed it works, will let you know how it's going good or bad