I’m currently taking Naproxen and Paracetamol for osteoarthritis in hands and wrists was helpful but last few months not so much. What else is there out there please


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    Hi @Helenj70 - I hope I can help a bit.

    Ther's more painkillers, ibuprofin and asprin for example can be taken with paracetamol (not sure about Naproxen - check with a pharmacist or your doctor). If your hands feel stiff try hand warmers, they can help reduce stiffness and pain. Or if your hands are inflamed and swollen then cold helps reduce swelling. Have a look here for more information - specifically the section on managing the symptoms:

    There is more information on osteoarthrits here, which also has a section with more infomration called managing symptoms (the information is slightly different in both, as one is speciifc to hands and writis and one is for osteosrthritis)

    I would also like to highlight that moving and exercising the affected joints is a good long-term way to help reduce pain. Strengthening the muscles around the affected joints can take some of the strain off those joints and thus reduce the pain. However you must be careful and not make the pain worse while exercising. Both of the above links have information at the bottom of suitable exercises which could help.

    Also, if your painkillers are reducing their effectiveness, going back to your doctor is a good idea. They can refer you to a pain clinic (who have a lot of experienece with chronic pain and can suggest different drugs or treatments) and a physiotherapist (who can help with exercises or manual treatments to reduce pain). Your doctor will also be the only person who can help you with a perscription for other drugs if necersary. It's very common for some painkillers to work better for some people than others, so finding the right solution for you should be something your doctor is happy to help you with.

    Do let me know how it goes and if I can help any more!


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    I have the start of arthritis in my hands and some days are more painful than others. I find when it is damp & really cold both hands are more painful. I just take paracetamol or aspirin which does help me thankfully. Have you been to a physiotherapist, as they can give you advice and some splints, which can help. I have some silicon gloves which are helpful.

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    Hi @Annann - welcome to the online community!

    It's lovely that you're already helping others - splints are indeed a very good support which can help wrist pain. I have some compression gloves myself, which I've found helpful.

    Did you know that there has been research on the link between arthrits and damp and cold weather? There's long been an anecdotal link between it getting colder and damper and it being more painful, and there has in fact also been reserach on it which I found really interesting. There's some information about it here:

    Since your arthrits is just staring in your hands I'd also suggest you take a look at some of the exercises mentioned above, as they can help you long-term. Do be careful with yourself tho 😊

    It's lovely to meet you!


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    I’ve just started another medication for my knee arthritis as Naproxen did nothing. It’s called Meloxicam and I’ve taken my first one today, so still early days.

    i too have arthritis in my hand, mainly the thumb and I find the arthritis gloves really help. There are lots of different ones but I like this one as it leaves the rest of your fingers free, but if all your fingers are affected there are other styles. Just google “Arthritis Gloves” and loads will appear! They’re made of a tight elastic fabric which hugs the hand.

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    You need to ask your GP for a referral to your local Pain Clinic, they will be able to try different meds and treatments till they find one that suits you.

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    Hi guys ,

    Ive had both types of arthritis since i was 26 but didn't get bad till mid fifties,i ended up partiality crippled.

    I ended up with knee replacement which wasn't very successful in 2013 and since then had new hip and other knee replaced.

    Is anyone else in same predicament as i am on the following medication recommended by consultant.

    Still in a lot of pain and on the following zomorph,methotrexate,xeljanz and sevradol for back up,but still in pain majority of the day,only thing that really helps is sevradol but i try not to take these to much.


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    Hi @Abbie123

    Nice to meet you!

    Oh yes there are a fair few on here who take lots of medications....have had various joints replaced and still cope with daily pain.

    The art seems to be to obviously take your meds as prescribed, move as much as you can and then distract yourself. Coming here is a way many of us use. Take a look around and just join on wherever you fancy everyone is really friendly.

    Just a thought - have you ever been referred to a pain clinic?

    Take care