How to cope with the pain in my feet


Hi wondering if anyone has any advice on how to deal with the pain in feet with Athriris , terrible pain in heels now and ankles starting to swell a little

many thanks



  • Mike1
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    Ask your GP for a referral to a Podiatrist, failing that you may be able to self-refer depending on where you live, check out your Health Authorities website.

  • airwave
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    I wear the supported insoles from the podiatrist in well supported leather training/ walking shoes which is my only pair of shoes. If I change anything then pain increases in my feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine so this makes me get things right! I usually buy shoes in pairs so have the same shoe waiting to replace a given type, brand and model. It took me many y3ars to work out what works for me, yes I’m still in pain but it’s more manageable than it was years ago despite more arther, the change from lots of pain to less does not happen overnight.

    I do not overdo life, or exercise and do things to make my life good, I use a massage gun, hot wheat bags, painkillers when I need them but not regularly . In general the endorphins are more fulfilling than experiencing the pain.

    Must go and dance around the room with my granddaughter, again!

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • Tish87
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    I have psoriatic arthritis and have several swollen toes and can’t wear shoes for long periods of time but also can’t walk barefoot due to pain in my feet, especially my heels. It’s like a sharp pain putting pressure on my heel and a sharp pain lifting pressure off my heel so sucks big time! I did have insoles from podiatrist but they are 3 yrs old now and my feet have gotten a lot worse in that time (post baby flare) so the only thing I can actually wear is crocs! My feet can be so bad that I actually have to wear crocs in the shower cus I can’t stand at all in bare feet!

    my go to for helping relieve my feet is to elevate them in the evenings and also hot/cold therapy but honestly it’s just painkillers and get on with it! I’ve a 3 yr old and just turned 1yr old so I don’t get much downtime to put my feet up so just keep doing when u can and rest them as much as possible!

    hope it eases for u soon!