What is the chance of claiming attendance allowance, my 2 hip replacement ops were cancelled 23/3/20

Waiting since 2018 for ops as NHS in South Wales lost my files for six months in 2019..I now need help


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    Hello @Geraldine

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    Have you spoke to the hospital and asked why you have been waiting for so long? I noticed that you replied on another forum regarding having the Oxford Vaccine and having no reaction afterwards. Thats a good thing isn't it?

    If you go to the work and Financial Forum then I am sure they will be able to help you there. I have attached the link below.

    Work and Financial — Versus Arthritis

    I hope you manage to get your operation soon, but in the meantime, we would love to see you again in the forum. Don't be a stranger.

    Stay safe


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    Sadly I got I very CURT response when I asked my GP in September 2020, when I asked very politely and reasonably the current situation. I was in shock when I recieved a letter from my NHS Consultant, referring to me as an opening gambit....' This Lady does she know there is a pandemic on...etc etc.....no even given the curestesy of being addressed as ' My patient or Ms Evans'....I have also now heard that Public Sector Workers, with newly diagnosed hip and knee, will jump to the top of the queues, when lists become available. Hence my question regarding claiming benefits is Attendence Allowance etc, if my double hip op's are nowhere on the horizon for years. ( Perhaps that's the underlying sneaky long term plan to finish us off with no daisy to the NHS.....The Consultant could do operations within seven days if I had the odd 27K tickle out. Here is Wales the Consultants are going hell for leather with private work, but there again the Welsh Assembly won't release monies for sale give surgeries.