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I have just had a phone call to invite me for the vaccination tomorrow. I was just about to take my methotrexate but think it is probably best if I leave it this week. Do you agree? Thank you.


  • Aj_x
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    Hi christinebagnall

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum.

    It is good that you have had the phone call. I bet you was pleased? In regards to taking the Methotrexate beforehand, this is the correct forum for you to be in and I am sure someone from the Helpline will reply to you.

    I have attached a link for another forum which could also help you.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) — Versus Arthritis

    This is also the Helpline Phone Number if you wish to speak to someone directly.

    Helpline 0800 5200 520

    I hope you manage to get an answer soon and get you Jab.

    Stay Safe


  • helpline_team

    Hi christinebagnall,

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum, we are so pleased that you will getting your Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow.

    We appreciate it is a concerning time for people who have a medical conditions and complex medical backgrounds at this difficult time.

    If you’re already taking medicines that suppress the immune system, you shouldn’t stop or delay these to have the vaccine, as doing this could cause you to have a flare-up, which can increase your risk from COVID-19.

    People who are taking these drugs may be given advice to continue avoiding exposure to Covid-19, after their vaccine, this is because their medication could mean their immune system will not respond as well to the vaccine as in people who don’t take these drugs. So, it is very important to still carry on with social distancing after your 1st vaccine.

    As AJ_x has said, if you would like to call us on the Helpline to talk through your concerns please do so on our free phone Helpline number.

    Best wishes


    Helpline Advisor

  • christinebagnall

    Thank you for your reply and I have now had my first dose of the Oxford Vaccination. I am new to this site and the 'online community forum' but it looks very interesting and I hope to use it regularly. Best wishes to all and stay safe.

  • Yvonnesadie


    I have ra and taking methotrexate

    I have just been told I can not book a covid vaccine until my rheumatologist

    Says it is ok for me to have it . I am devastated left a message which could take weeks to get bk to me

    I'm 60 in july and feel so sad and angry that it has taken this long to let me know I need consent from rheumatology when it is advising all ra patients should have it on gov.web site

    If I am unable to have it then why have I not been told to shield my anxiety is really bad and causing me so much stress yvonne

  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Yvonnesadie and welcome to the Online Community

    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing a problem in getting a vaccination. It does sound as though there is some mix up in the understanding if your local NHS has the right information about your COVID-19 risk level. Do try to ring your rheumatologist - this will help to clarify the matter and to ensure that the right information is available to those administering the vaccine.

    I'm sure this is very stressful for you. If you would like to ring our Helpline, then do contact them for free on 0800 5200 520

    Do let us know how you get on and join in across the Community.

    All best wishes


  • helpline_team

    Hi @Yvonnesadie 

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum. 

    I am sorry to learn of your experience and the stress and anxiety this is causing you. As Brynmor has suggested, it may help to things through with us on the helpline.  

    If you can’t get a response from your rheumatology team, you may wish to ask the Patient advice and liaison services (PALS) at the hospital for support with getting an answer from them.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes


    Helpline Team