Hi all hope you are all well.

I have osteoarthritis and have had this from being a teenager I am now 45 years old and really suffer with pain.

I finally got the doctor to let me have some new x rays as it was 7 years ago from the last ones. I also got told in my 30s that I had 70 year old knees.

I only work 15 hours at the moment which is 3 hours a day I work at the hospital as a ward hostess but doing a full ward is very painful. Nit while I am moving its the stiffness when I get home and in the morning. I get fed up of the doctor saying its wear and tear and that my weight doesn't help. I know that and I am trying. I love to go swimming but currently we can't so just wandering if there is anything I could take for the pain or any herbal remedies that work.

Thanks Claire