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Has anybody found Voltarol really helps with osteoarthritis of the knees.

My GP reckons it's a waste of money

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  • JonaJona Posts: 70
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    Hi, I’ve tried it but it did nothing to help but have spoken to a couple of people and they say it worked on their pain so I suppose you will only know if you try it sorry can’t be more helpful 😔

    take care

    Jona 😊


  • I also have arthritis in my knees. Last week during a flare-up the doctor suggested a product with menthol capsaicin and lidocaine

    we weren’t able-to find the topical lidocaine in it. Lakota is a topical that works ok

  • When you have arthritic pain you will try anything - voltarol did nothing for me. I think tiger balm is better as it gives a freezing feeling, a bit like the joy of a bag of frozen peas. I started using my 'tens' machine bought originally for my back pain and sciatica whilst watching TV and the pain does go but comes back once you turn it all off. I struggle at night as you would think pain should go away when there is no weight on the knees but wrong. I do take zap pain, codeine based which takes the edge off but am struggling big time to walk the dogs and my language is not lady like but the GP says you must walk, the hospital however says rest so what do you believe?

  • EllenEllen Posts: 437 mod

    Hi @ferdie Lovely to meet you. (apologies to @Goshthathurts for hijacking your thread!)

    Welcome to the Online Community.

    I see you are doing a lot to try and help with your pain and I think most of us use language which isn't that polite at times!

    Well done continuing to walk your dogs. I see you are wondering whether exercising is actually good for your Arthritis? I presume you have Osteoarthritis apologies if it isn't.

    I am attaching a link which you might find useful: Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee | Knee pain | Versus Arthritis

    there is a section about exercises so do take a look.

    I'll leave you to meet our members now

    Best wishes


  •  @Goshthathurts, I have not tried Voltarol, I have used Deep heat Spray which I find tends to work well most of the time. in addition I tend to rotate between the Tens Machine and the spray. As cold compression does not work for me.

  • EllenEllen Posts: 437 mod
    edited 23. Feb 2021, 07:50

    Hi @CRoberts (apologies to Goshthathurts for the hijack!) A very quick welcome to the Online Community.

    It's great to see you joining in straight away with your own experience 🙂

    If you feel comfortable sharing it would be lovely to know a little more about you and your Arthritis.

    Voltarol is a kind of Non steroid anti-inflammatory cream which some of our members do find useful

    See the Section entitled NSAID gel and creams: Painkillers and NSAIDs | Side-effects, uses, time to work (versusarthritis.org)

    I look forward to seeing your posts

    Best wishes


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