Hi. I’ve just signed on here but i’ve been getting your emails for some time.

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I was diagnosed with osteo around twelve years ago and had to start using a wheelchair outside about seven years back. I’m 57 female and i’ve recently been getting a whole load of new nasty symptoms. Looking around i think i have developed the ( can’t remember what it’s called it has a Swedish/Norwegian name) or fybromialga. I can’t take either pregabalin/gabapentin and have anaphylaxis with aspirin or ant-inflammatories which leaves me with opiods only. I am also on a whole load of mental health meds i’ve been on for a while.

i wonder if anyone could give me any ideas? (I’ve been diagnosed with severe dry eye syndrome, i sleep a full night but wake up exhausted, when i try to sleep further i get severe pains all over, particularly in ankles, knees shoulder blades and lower back. I have painful chronic diarrohea immediatedly onneating anything, poor co-ordination, carpal tunnel syndrom, swollen left foot).

sorry it’s so long.

i’m about at my wits end now 🙂


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    Hi @CatFreak57

    Welcome to the online community family,lovely to see you posting.

    You say you were diagnosed with Osteoarthritis around 12 years ago. taking opiads and mental health meds for pain and relief.also severe dry eye syndrome and are in severe pain all over particularly in knees shoulder blades and lower back.

    Useful Facts About Dry Eyes and Arthritis For You.

    Emotional wellbeing | Support, self-help | Versus Arthritis.

    Managing your pain | Treatments and self-help (versusarthritis.org)

    Here are a few links that may help.Meanwhile try chatting with others on our friendly and understanding forums

    All the best Christine

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    Hi Catfreak57

    I'm so sorry that you suffer so much it does affect you having constant pain just know your not alone, I honestly think you should speak to your doctor again and if they have an in house pharmacist ask to speak to them also they are really good at suggesting medication that might be better for you I’ve bought a tens machine and it does help a little , stay strong and I hope you can get some help I feel for you stay safe

    Jona 😊x

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    HI @CatFreak57

    Nice to meet you welcome to the online community from me too.

    I'm sorry you have so much to cope with sounds really rough your body must be sensitive to so much. I can see why you're at your wits end. many of us have multiple diagnoses so can relate to your situation.

    I can help a little bit though. I take xailin night gel when I go to bed for my dry eyes and really it helps a LOT! I hate it if I ever run out. I am also a big fan of non-medical stuff for my pain where possible such as wheatie bags that you put in the microwave. I have about 7 of them! Sometimes I use ice too. Like Jona I like tens machines and have over the years worn two out!

    Come along in and join in distraction is also a big help when you're dealing with as much as you are.

    Take care

  • CatFreak57

    Hi, thanks for the replies guys.

    i was prescribed Hylo-forte for dry eyes about four years ago and last November, after three eye tests i was given an urgent referral to hospital where i was prescribed xailin for morning and night. And to use as much hylo-forte as i needed which is now about six to eight applications a day. Inexplicably some days are better than others.

    i’ve been unlucky with pain management. I use wheat bags a lot, cold in summer and warm in winter, but this pain will shift around fast. I found both tens machines and acupuncture didn’t help at all.

    In the middle of 2019 i came down with a mystery ‘virus’. I fell into unconsciousness at random, was so weak i could barely get out of the chair (i had to sleep there) my legs swelled up and became covered in blisters, also urinary incontinence and twice, after being wheeled to the bathroom i passed out on the floor and husband had to ring 111 to get me into the chair again, during which time i passed in and out of unconsciousness. And this lasted from July 2019 until February 2020 and i have NO memory from that time at all. Apparently my GP came out once and a nurse twice to take blood samples. I’ve had no explanation for what happened. My husband thinks i should’ve been hospitalised. I’ve since changed my GP. But it seems everything has got so much worse since then. Because of covid i have only seen a GP once since i joined last year and that was over a persistent ear infection i still have since Feb 2020.

    God, i’m really sorry to vent. We’ve been in lockdown just about a year now. My husband got the vaccine on Thursday, but i’m way down the list only coming into the over 50s. I have back-up appointments due the hospital but it could be a year before i’m seen. And i’ve had carpal tunnel syndrome since 2019 and i’ve given up on that ever getting sorted. Now my left hand is starting to go the same way.


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    Oh my goodness you have been through the mill and your staying strong you must have an inner goddess in you to endure all that just wanted to say i am thinking of you and glad you’ve got the support of your husband

    let’s just hope this horrid COVID gets under control soon then we can get back to normal sending you big hugs 🤗

    Jona 😊x