Excercise with osteoarthritis

My partner has stage 4 osteoarthritis of the hip . He is 45 and really struggling. He is an have driver so it is difficult to find pain relief that doesn't have side effects. Also am finding it difficult to find an exercise he can do. We brought an exercise bike, but it is too painful. We try walking but he struggles with that too. Any suggestions to help as its really getting him down


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    Hi @Frecklyleopard  

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    Your partner has osteoarthritis of the hip and has been unable to find pain relief that doesn’t have side effects. You’d also like some advice on alternative exercises that might work for him. 

    If not already done, I suggest that your partner consults further with his GP to find alternative pain relief that works for him whilst minimising side effects. In addition, here’s a link to our website providing information on both pain relief and exercising which I hope is useful:


    I hope that the combination of advice on our website plus feedback from other forum members will help provide the answers you are looking for. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Hi again @Frecklyleopard

    Have you looked at this category?

    Look specifically for Let's move with Leon it's really helped quite a few of us on here.

  • Hi Frecklyleopard

    I'm so sorry to hear how painful things are for your husband. There does come a time with hip pain, where getting in the queue to be assessed by the orthopaedic team may be helpful.

    I wonder whether you or your husband might like a chance to talk to us? Being listened to can be very helpful, and any ideas we offer after having really listened to you, may be more likely to be better too. (Our freephone at the Helpline is 0800 5200 520 9am - 8pm Mon-Fri)

    I'm glad you've found the forum - and the living with arthritis forum can be a source of really good peer support too.

    Very best wishes

    Guy (Helpline Team)