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My partner is 45 and was diagnosed with stage 4 osteoarthritis of the hip last year. He is struggling with the pain every day and it is affecting every day life for him. He has been prescribed codeine, but this is not ideal as he is an hgv driver and they make him drowsy. He is trying to exercise but short walks are painful, and he couldn't manage any time on our exercise bike. He has been referred on by the GP for physio but he is sceptical about it working. Any suggestions please?


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    Hi @Frecklyleopard

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum. 

    Your partner has osteoarthritis of the hip and has been unable to find pain relief that doesn’t have side effects. You’d also like some advice on alternative exercises that might work for him. 

    If not already done, I suggest that your partner consults further with his GP to find alternative pain relief that works for him whilst minimising side effects. In addition, here’s a link to our website providing information on both pain relief and exercising which I hope is useful:


    I hope that the combination of advice on our website plus feedback from other forum members will help provide the answers you are looking for. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Hi @Frecklyleopard

    Your poor husband having to work in pain and unable to take his pain relief as he needs to drive.

    Is he on the list for a new hip I wonder?

    A couple of things which might help a bit. One is a wedge cushion on his seat in his truck. I have one for in my car. You can get them with straps in so they don't move about. Another idea is those heat patches you can buy in any supermarket (near the paracetamol) while he is working. Heat really can ease pain a good bit. Obviously not completely.

    Has he been prescribed any anti-inflammatories? Like Naproxen for instance. They are less likely to make him woozy for driving.