Where do I stand?


I have oesteo arthritis and at the end of my tether. I feel so useful anyway as I can’t do things I did last year. I get cross with myself and this rubs off on my 12 year old. I use a scooter if I’m not driving. I need 2 new knees, I’m on PIP for mobility and care however I do still work part time - 16 hrs a week in a supermarket. I have recently been put on team leader duties but go home crying as I’m in so much pain for being on my feet too long. I have spoke to my manager and nothing as yet has changed. I’m on checkout so sat down this week which I am looking forward to but the following 3 weeks I am team leading again and I am dreading it. I feel my sickness level will go up. I feel I need to give my job up all together but I love working as it’s my bit of independence. Any suggestions? I’m in the work union so thought about getting them involved. Thanks for reading


  • Mike1
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    Your employer has to make reasonable adjustments so the Manager should contact your in-house HR department who will conduct an assessment on you, ask the manager if he has contacted HR, failing that then get your union involved.

  • Terina72
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    I have spoke to HR too and she said we will get a meeting together for my manager, me n HR to get things sorted but at mo I have no meeting and they are restructuring managers.

  • helpline_team

    Hi Terina72

    I'm sorry to hear things are difficult. You can see more about reasonable adjustments under our work information. Work | Support, commuting and self-help | Versus Arthritis

    And you are right - involving the union is a really good idea to support you in those conversations with your employer.

    I wonder how your self-management routines are at the moment? Your mobility is so affected, are you doing small amounts of physio through the day, as that can be important. And the other part of self-management is healthy eating and keeping weight down, so how's that for you?

    Particularly when things are tough, it can be especially important to do things which are positive for you.

    If you'd like a chat, do ring us on our freephone.

    Best wishes