Do I have arthritis?



For the past eight years or so I have developed what I have assumed to be arthritis in my knees. My left knee especially is quite swollen and I have become noticeably knock-kneed. I have achy pain at the back of both knees, which sometimes keeps me awake at night

However I have no pain at all when walking or any other activity. I have full range of motion and I can easily get up from a chair without using my hands for support, without feeling any knee pain. The only discomfort is, as I said, achy pain at the back of my knees, especially at night.

My doctor gave me Tramadol which helps very much, but gives me insomnia. I have tried other non-prescription pain killers and none of them help at all.

i have done a lot of reading online about arthritis, the symptoms, etc. and I wonder now if I really do have arthritis or is it something else?

I saw an orthopedic doc last year who immediately looked at my xrays and announced that I needed immediate knee replacement surgery, like next week. I wasn’t convinced, and didn’t trust him. I now have the name of a highly recommended doc and I will see him as soon as I can, after I get vaccinated.

in the meantime I would very much appreciate anyone’s opinion on my I likely have arthritis or could it be something else? BTW, I am 79 years old, in otherwise very good health.



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    Hi @HappyHunter and welcome to the Online Community.

    I understand that painful swelling in your knees is causing you problems. A doctor has prescribed a course of tramadol, which is quite a strong painkiller but to no effect. You are now waiting to have another consultation, having been told you need knee replacement surgery.

    As with all similar online communities, no one here is medically qualified to be able to give a diagnosis regarding your symptoms, we just have lots of experience with living with arthritis in its many forms. As a UK charity, our help is very limited when providing information to others outside of the country.

    Our web site has useful information regarding knee pain, including managing symptoms, diagnosis and possible treatments:

    Do let us know how you get on with your next consultation and also join in across the community, you will be most welsome.

    All best wishes


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    My left knee is so swollen I actually thought I was pregnant and that the baby had slipped down a bit from where it was supposed to be. And I've become a woman.

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    You might like to ask yourself why you distrust your consultant or is it a case of denial? He had your X-ray in his hands and you didn’t believe his opinion, why would you trust anyone?

    This seems to me to be a sign of mistrust in society that came along with false news, people would rather trust an uneducated lie rather than the educated truth?

    We can help with everything but diagnosis, yes we have knowledge and practical experience but not the many years of learning that the medical profession goes through.

    its a grin, honest!

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    Hi @HappyHunter

    I do see your point if you have no issues with mobility (although you do admit to being 'knock-kneed') or pain walking. I wonder whether you could ask to see a copy of the X-ray or report thereof? just for some reassurance that you do have arthritis. If seeing the other consultant would cost you money it might be a cheaper option.

    I'm glad to hear the tramadol helps with your pain, but not good that it gives you insomnia. If surgery would help you could get off them too maybe which would be wonderful wouldn't it?

    Take care