I have multiple joint oesteoarthritis and oesteoporosis and take two naproxen 500mg each day. I am 89 years old and rely on my rollator to get around the apartment. How long can I continue to take this? Advice would be appreciated




  • YvonneH
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    Good morning @JamesRay

    Welcome to the Online Community, it's great to meet you. You can take this medicine as long as you need it for pain relief when your doctor is monitoring you and your condition. It is called a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)

    Here's the ink to the inforation on our website about it

    You sound to be doing well with the aid of your rollator to get around, I bet you have some good sdvice you could share with some members who are new to osteoarthritis, take a look in the Say Hello category

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • airwave
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    The simple answer is for long as your doctor prescribes it and it works for you. 😁

    Naproxen is a drug that is a no no for osteoporosis but your doctor obviously feels you benefit from it?

    its a grin, honest!

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    Hi @JamesRay - So long as the painkiller is helping you and you're not getting any awful side effects then keep taking it. If there are any side effects mention them to your doctor - there are many types of painkillers you can try until you find one which works for you. But don't orry about taking it long-term. If it helps, why try to stop? Sadly there isn't a cure for arthritis, so use the tools you're given to make your life work for you.

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    Hi Ray and welcome to posting.

    I've been on Naproxen for years and have no side effects. I always make sure i take it with food, that's the only proviso, but you probably know that already. I think it's a marvelous drug.

  • ferdie
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    I too have taken naproxen for years but take an omeprazole capsule daily which is supposed to be gastro-resistant to help prevent stomach bleeds and other nasties. I also have blood tests every 6 months to check if there is any liver damage. I tried to give up the medication after my dentist told me it was bad for me but noticed an almost immediate worsening of my pain everywhere even in joints that hadn't hurt before!

  • lindalegs
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    @ferdie Yes, I'm like that Ferdie though I take one Naproxen a day with my evening meal and not the two prescribed and then if I'm feeling particularly sore I know I can take one at breakfast as well. This way I feel I have a safety net and also glad I've cut down a bit.

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