Spring is in the air

We have had snow and ice on the ground since 19th December except for 3 days. Now after the temperatures changing from minus 7 ( plus the wind chill from 50 mile winds) to plus 7 in 24 hours we can see grass for the first time in what feels like an age. The horses and sheep this morning ate their breakfasts and wandered off ignoring their hay they had found this marvelous green stuff that is divine thank you keep that boring old hay.

I can't get used to looking out of the window and seeing green and find my eyes being drawn to the window to gaze out. The birds are less desperate to be fed,we are buying our meal worms by the kilo.It felt strange walking up to the field without fighting against the snow and wind we used to look like a scene from an epic Russian tale.Though there is still an ice flow on the track that at its worse was over 150 meters long and several inches thick it is possible to walk in the edge with out spikes now without doing ice skating.

I should be able to muck out the barn this afternoon as the muck isn't frozen to the floor anymore!


  • wazz42
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    Wonderful @stellabean

    It's warm up here in Wales too, wet and breezy I think is a good description, I've seen my first crocus' on the patio. Wonder how long it will last and will the plants survive this freezing then positively warm if it goes back to freezing again!


  • stellabean
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    We saw a hedgehog this morning at the side of the road but when we went back with a container to see if it needed rescuing it had gone into the woods.

  • Jona
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    I love spring I have this dream of owning a farm with ducks and a horse and would love to have dogs westies to be more specific I would become a westie rescue but I always feel lifted in my mood when I know it’s spring just wish my lottery numbers would come up and I can make my dream come true 😊😊😊😊