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Hi, I’m Dorothy and have recently been told that I need a hip replacement after an injury at work and 36 years in nursing. I’ve had a wee look through the forum and I’m in awe at the support shown by fellow members. I’m also inspired by the people who are undergoing treatment and still find time to help others. I hope I can be a help to others one day when I become more knowledgeable about my condition. Wishing everyone a pain free day 🙏


  • Anna
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    Hi @Dorothy96 and welcome to the online community!

    I see you’re waiting for a replacement hip operation after an injury at work. After 36 years in nursing I would think you have a wealth of knowledge that will be so valuable to share with the members on this forum. As you’ve seen, everyone is very friendly and helpful and I’m sure you’ll fit right in. Many of our members have had a hip replacement and I’m sure they’ll be happy to share their experiences with you. While you’re waiting you might be interested to read the Versus Arthritis page on hip replacement surgery and how you can prepare for it:

    All the best, and I look forwarding to reading your posts.

    Anna ( mod) : )

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    Hi Dorothy,

    I myself want to say thank you for looking after thousands of people in nursing and I am sure you will be very valuable to us here I hope your hip replacement comes around fast for you it’s time we started looking after the real people in society those who have given years to helping people not just 5 minutes on a tv show

    take care and stay safe

    Jona 😊