Hi I’m a new one. 😀

Taken me ages to get to this stage so sorry if I go on a bit. I have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis and plantar fasciitis. Been waiting on a referral since last June but went to the GP about a year ago. Looking forward to hearing how everyone copes and little ideas to make life easier. I still work in a supermarket. I’m 58, married and love life with my hubby and chock lab.


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    Welcome to the forum, @Snugglydormouse. You have been waiting a year after diagnosis of osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis and plantar fasciitis. Like many in this pandemic you are having to wait too long. You will find plenty of help from fellow forum members,. Here are some links to information on our website:



    I whish you luck, take care and let us know how you get on.


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    Hello pleased to meet you @Snugglydormouse

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    Hi Snugglydormouse,

    It took me a while too but am glad I did it such a wealth of advice and experience here and some really lovely people, keep talking it really helps

    Jona 😊

  • Thank you for your message. I’m still learning how to use the site as normally don’t put anything online. I need to have more patience and find out how to get involved and work out how to find out the bits that will help me. It seems to take forever for the professionals to actually diagnose but I know with COVID they are busy. Doesn’t help the pain and swelling though. I had a steroid jab a couple of weeks ago but can’t say I feel any better so hopefully when I get around to having another consultation and start taking the tablets they will help? Hope your managing whatever pain you have ok.

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    Hi, if you click on the 3 lines top left and go to recent posts it will show you also top right will be your symbol click that and you can message it has a drop box and you can see the matching symbols to what you want to do don’t worry it will come took a while for me too keep posting

    I’m afraid I’m losing patience with the professionals I’ve been treated disgraceful by them and sometimes they need to look outside the boxes they tick and humanise us again, thank you for asking about my pain I appreciate your care

    it takes a wee while for the steroid injection to help bare with it hope it helps you

    love Jona 😊

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    Pleased to meet you here and hoping we can both learn from the forum and support each other.

    Simon 💜

  • Sorry, not been online for a while. Changing internet providers, now that’s a pain too. Thank you for your welcome. Still no idea what I’m doing on here but I’ll persevere. X