Joint Pain, Bells Palsy and Exercise

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I have been having joint pain, especially in my neck and knees. I find walking difficult as my gait has been compromised. I have been prescribed "pregabalin" but it makes me feel very tired and unbalanced too. I am always feeling tired all day. Even sleep, a night of good sleep is not helping. After I have had Bell`s Palsy, my body started going down fast. My left eye is in trouble too. A present by Bell`s Palsy!

My doctors say that they cannot help me anymore and told me to do as much as I can what is possible. Walking is difficult now. I can walk but I must consciously make an extra effort not to sway from side to side.

I am 80 years of age, a pensioner. I used to enjoy the gym activities in earlier years very much. Now, everything just sucks! I live in sheltered accommodation.

If I try to exercise, even without any weight, I am in pain all over and the neck just freezes. The usual painkillers that I often use are Paracetemol which is not really very effective.

How boring, is it not?


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    Welcome to the forum, @coskun, You are not having an easy time with your problems with walking and the aftermath of Bells Palsy. You do not say if you have been given a diagnosis of any form of arthritis.

    May I suggest that you talk to our Helpline, you will find the number on our home page. They are opn Monday to Friday.

    Take care and best wishes.


  • coskun
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    Thank you, Tom.

    I have osteoarthritis in general (wear+ tear)and I think I also have a kind of peripheral nerve damage somewhere in the system. It could be fibromyalgia or something similar and a gait problem.

    Thank you for your good wishes.