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Hi Jadelady here I take a joint care supplement do they help?


  • Bic1982
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    Ive only ever really used Cod Liver oil as a supplement for my arthritis. I do find it helps me but I think these things are so individual. I am definitely aware if I accidentally miss a day. You could always speak to a pharmacist as they would be able to tell you about what is safe to take along side any other medication. Hope this is of help!

    Bic X

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    Hi @Jadelady73 , Ive got RA and I’ve been taking cod liver oil tablets (1000mg) daily for about 20 years and like Bic above, I definitely start to feel more stiff if I stop taking them for about a week ( when I keep forgetting to buy them!) I’ve also been taking Vitamin D3 (10mg) for about 2 years because It’s supposed to be good for bones ( I think it also has some Covid related benefits).

    I only buy the supermarket brands of both - not expensive at all, and I checked with my rheumatologist before I started taking them just to be safe.

    Rina 😊

  • Supplements?

    Well for my RA (this bloody swelling in fingers) the best thing is no food at all, let alone supplements. I'm in agony today because I ate well yesterday. Gonna starve today because I need some relief (and NSAIDs don't seem to touch it). Can hardly bend my right hand first finger because it's pumped up so much. Does get a bit depressing...

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    @SausageFingers are you saying eating makes your pain worse?😮

    Surely that can't be? You cannot not eat at all that is really bad for anyone?

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    I think that your GP needs to investigate this, from a quick Google search there is evidence that some foods can indeed increase pain as they affect insulin levels and some foods allegedly promote inflammation in the body. I don't think that starving yourself is a good idea. The Mediterranean diet is supposed to be best for not increasing pain levels.

  • I've tried to eliminate certain food groups for years.. is it sugar? is it carbs? is it dairy? is it salt? And I can't track it down. All I know is if I don't eat I feel much better. Obviously that's not going to work long term haha

    I've mentioned it many times to RA Doc and nurses. They just seem to ignore that like I'm being an idiot by even suggesting it.

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    Perhaps you should ask your GP for Food Intolerance Testing, failing that it is available elsewhere but you have to pay for it, put it into Google and see where your nearest place is.

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    I take Glucosamine and an Omega3 supplement, both on a subscription basis, they send you a new supply every month.

    I think the Glucosamine helps, because I had two weeks pain free and then overdid it! but I'm taking it easier now.

  • I must do that. Getting so depressed with massive swollen fingers which no one else seems to suffer from. Makes me think it may be diagnosed incorrectly. They even said I was sero-negative.

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