Been off work for 2 weeks with arthritis flare up in my knee. One minute I feel ok then the next my knees are really painful and I feel so tired and achey all over. Can anybody tell me if this is how it goes and how long does it normally last.


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    Everyone is different but being in constant pain is tiring, especially when combined with being unable to sleep more than a couple of hour at night.

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    Thank you mike

  • Pollyharley
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    Hi @Pollyharley. Every flare up is different in my experience. Some last a few days, some a few weeks. Sometimes complete rest helps, sometimes mild exercise helps. Everyone is different. It's just trying to find what works for u at the time.

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    Thank you thats helped me alot

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    There has been some argument as to whether a flare up can happen with OA? The pain and stiffness coming and go8ng is a common symptom of OA. The changes can be caused by the changes in pressure of the weather systems passing through. Have a look at www.cloudywithachanceofpain.co.uk a number of arthers took part in the research over a year and a half.

    We now have lengths of seaweed hanging on the ends of our beds😄. I jest!

    it’s a grin, honest!

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    Smells fishy to me airwave 😁😉

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