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Pain killer you can take of you take Warfin

Hi I take Warfin which is a blood thinner what aim killer can I take for oa pain as I can't take ibuprofen


  • Bic1982Bic1982 Member Posts: 6


    I think you would probably be best talking to your doctors or pharmacist just because this can be such an area that is different for us all. It all depends what works for your pain the best and that is safest for you to take in your situation.

    I know its not much help, but thinking of you and hope you get something sorted soon.


  • Jadelady73Jadelady73 Member Posts: 11


  • deb2paindeb2pain Member Posts: 3

    Depends on percentage of ibuprofen, and how much you take, Just be careful , check your NRI Rate.

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