Frightened and shocked

I have just been diagnosed over the phone with arthritis in my left knee, i was sent for an x-ray after ringing doctors to say i have been in constant pain for months, the x-ray showed narrowing of the joints, doctor (who was not my own GP) just said we will refer you for MRI and you need to keep moving, i cannot sleep due to pain, i have tried gels, ice, heat, pillows. I am frightened and shocked as not what i was expecting after x-ray, doctor also would not prescribe any pain relief, any advice or help anyone could give me, i would be very grateful.


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    Hello @sjayb44

    Welcome to the online community. Thank you for your post and please feel free to join in on any discussions you would like to.

    Im sorry that you are in so much pain and feel frightened and shocked at what the x-ray showed. You said that the x-ray showed narrowing of the joints, you can not sleep due to pain and have used several different things, which none seemed to work. The doctor that you saw who gave you the news would not prescribe painkillers and you are waiting for a MRI.

    Below are a couple of links to area on the main Versus Arthritis that you may find helpful.

    It may be that the doctor you first saw is waiting on the results of the MRI before prescribing anything, however if you feel that the pain is too much to handle than I would recommend trying to see another doctor, maybe you own G.P.

    I hope this is of help to you. Like I said, please keep in touch and keep us updated. We are a friendly bunch and love to make new friends.

    Take care

    Anne (mod)

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    thank you so much and i will do, thank you for links also, just had a call from safety services in work who will put in place equipment such as inflatable cushion if i need when back in office :)

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    Sounds as though you are the road to treatment, the NHS has been through a rough patch so we all take an unintentional step back from the head of the queue, it will go on for some time.

    If you use an analgesic ointment and paracetamol and a hot wheat bag and keep using them at the same time you will get some relief, things are never perfect but try them together. Your doctor is right to say ‘keep moving’ and so support muscles, ligaments and tendons to support the joint, loose joints mean more wear.

    Whilst there is a cure-replacement, not many of us will get that so start thinking about living with the issue at least for a period of time. Read this forum back to front, phone the helpline, ask for a referral to the pain clinic, find things to do which take your mind off pain. Acceptance is an ever changing th8ng but read about it on a forum search. Doctors don’t need to know your results to give prescriptions so phone the surgery and talk to them about pain. Above all don’t overdo anything, the only person who suffers pain is you, be gentle on yourself.

    its a grin, honest!

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    thanks airwave i have ordered an inflatable foot stool and hot wheat bag, thanks for tip :)

  • I have arthritis in my left knee too and a few months ago bought a knee pillow which I find really comfortable for making sleeping more comfortable- mine was diagnosed about a year ago and so far because of the pandemic the hospital isn't yet doing follow up appointments though my doctor has recently prescribed some slightly stronger painkillers which I just take before I go to bed and they do help. Hope that you feel a bit better soon.

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