Hi guys.

I am a male. Age 20. I noticed bouchard nodes(bony spurs on proximal interphalangeal joints of fingers of both hands) accompanied by cracking of my whole body joints. There is no pain in nodes nor during cracking. It is just painless cracking. Can you guys help me what this is?

I am having appointment with doctor in few weeks.

Any guess about this condition. I am a severe hypochondriac and thinking excessively about this



  • Ellen
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    Hi @Usama

    I'm very pleased to meet you and welcome you to the online community. I see you are worried about nodes on your fingers joints and the sound of joints cracking (crepitus). Unfortunately we can't diagnose as none of us are medically trained, but some of our members may have had similar experiences.

    I have attached a useful image of a hand so that our members know which joints you are talking about.

    I am very glad to see you have an appointment to see your GP in a few weeks and hope he/she can throw some light on your symptoms.

    Best wishes


  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Usama

    Welcome! I thought I would just add a quick link to our web site regarding osteoarthritis of the hand so that you have some additional information when you visit your doctor:

    Do let us know how you get on and what the diagnosis turns out to be.

    Best wishes


  • airwave
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    Crepitus is actually bone against bone noise, you find that the cracking noise is gas and fluids inside the joint it makes a noise as it rushes around when you move and is not usually painful.

    I should leave the technical terms at home, there aren’t many arthers who understand the Latin, at the end of the day we suffer pain, all of us.

    A severe hypochondriac? I should find yourself something to take your mind off of OA and illness in general, the only person who will suffer is you.

    its a grin, honest!