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Hi I've not used anything like this before, I have osteoarthritis. I was told there's nothing that can be done just take painkillers. I have it moderate in my fingers they are painful and some fingers have started to twist.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Mousey

    I'm glad you have found us this Community is a great place to come and chat to people who understand and gain support.

    I see your Osteoarthritis is causing you pain and some of your fingers have started to twist. While you are waiting for our members to reply to your post I am attaching some information: Osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist (versusarthritis.org)

    There is a useful section about managing the condition including other things in addition to painkillers which might help like heat for example.

    Do have a look around the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable you are assured of a warm welcome.

    Best wishes


  • Mousey
    Mousey Member Posts: 7

    Thank you the link is helpful.

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