Pain Moves into jaw head at time of the month


My fibromyalgia is most places .But time of the month my word massive massive flare up in my temple jaw face head so bad even my teeth feel like they are throbbing. I can’t even move as this makes blood flow and hence throbbing is immense , I am in one now . I can deal with body pain but jaw / head is a whole new strength I’m needing to find . Still don’t believe it is fibro either. I have pitting on my nails and one spoon nail and a bent right ring finger plus left ankle / foot always very swollen stiff . Not sure why only one ankle effected either. My ESR & CRP is always elevated. God hope the nurophen kicks in it’s been a hr now and no change. Have Naproxen will try that next.,but that’s all I’ve got from Gp . What would be the nxt level pain relief to ask for and can I just simply go to GP and ask for a rheumatology ref. I stopped going 10 yrs ago as they kept just trying to give me amitriptyline for fibro and I had to be alert for children. & driving . I have got worse and/ or developed other types of arthritis perhaps? Thank u for any help take care x