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I find it difficult and painful to move my arms because of pain in my shoulders. What do I do to relieve the pain.


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    Welcome to the online community its great you have found us.

    You find it difficult to move your arms because of shoulder pain and you want to now what pain relief you can take to relieve it.

    Firstly have you been to the GP to assess what is wrong with your shoulder and why it is causing pain and why you cant move your arms,it is most important to get it diagnosed.

    Here is a link that may help.

    Shoulder pain | Causes, symptoms, treatments (

    The GP will give you pain relief after the diagnosis.Hope this is a help to you.

    Meanwhile it is worthwhile to chat to others on the forum,they are all friendly and understanding.

    Take care please let us know how you get on Christine

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    I hope you have decent pain relief from your GP and you know what is wrong with your shoulders?

    After that I would try things like a warm wheaty bag that you put in the microwave or an ice pack in a teatowel see if they help.

    I have found tens machines useful in the past with arthritic pain.

    Alos distraction helps me coming on here and having a natter is one thing I do.