New to VA ,osteoarthritis in foot following a fall

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Good evening,My name is Alyson,I am new to VA,

I tripped on a paving slab on 31st October,initially I was told I had a broken nose and ligament damage to my foot( no breaks in xray).5 weeks later I paid to see a physiotherapist who inspected my foot,then sent me for another xray due to the level of pain I was still in.The second xray showed arthritis throughout my foot 😢 I had a total of 9 weeks off work,I have returned to work,but am still having problems.I am a driver for Sen children and drive a minibus.I have no problems driving,but walking causes me pain,stiffness,swelling in my ankle area and if I am on my feet for any length of time,I am limping quite badly.Whilst the doctor was quite happy to just produce sicklines for my employees,I have never been offered any advise on what to do now.I am going to ring my doctor on Monday to see if I can get a face to face appointment,but I don't hold out much hope due to the covid restrictions😢,and worry that I will be put on a waiting list to possibly see a physiotherapist or arthritis specialist.It is now 4 months from my accident and just want to get my life back.


  • Hi @Aly64

    Welcome to the online community, I'm so glad you've decided to join us.

    I see that you have been having a lot of trouble with your foot since since an injury last year. How frustrating that you were able to get sick leave, but not a solution for your pain - when it isn't driving that's painful, but walking.

    I hope that if the doctor decides to refer you to an arthritis specialist that the delay isn't too long, although I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Perhaps you could ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist pain clinic too?

    Here's some information on foot and ankle pain that I hope you'll find useful: Foot and ankle pain | Causes, exercises, treatments (

    Do keep us updated. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy continuing to browse the online community, and feel free to join in any conversation - this is a friendly place :)

    Best wishes,

    Sarah (mod) x

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    Hi @Aly64

    Nice to meet you. Sorry to hear about your accident. If it helps at all and I doubt it does my brother damaged his foot some years ago and his GP said he needed to get off completely for 6 weeks else it would take 2 years to heal!

    I suspect though foot though not actually broken by the fall must have aggravated existing arthritis? Is that what they think?

    I am glad to hear you can managed the driving still, but I presume it's the clipping in of wheelchairs and pushing kids in and out of school/daycare that causes you trouble at work.

    Good idea to get back to your Gp and see what they suggest. Maybe some insoles for your shoes might help you never know.

    Best of luck

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    I suggest that you ask for a referral to a Podiatrist, failing that if you check out your Health Authorities website you may find that you can self-refer. They will be able to suggest supportive footwear and/or insoles and exercises to help you.

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    Thank you for your comments ,

    SarahGF Thank you for your advise,I will read the articles you suggest 😁

    frogmorton ,Thank you for your reply,I had a total of 9 weeks completely off my foot,went back to work,then 2 weeks later my husband and I tested positive for covid so went I to isolation for 2 weeks,then no work due to school holidays,so in last 4 months I have I my been working for two weeks.I have been told by the doctor in urgent care that the fall most probably aggravated existing athritis, although I didn't know I had it in my foot.I can do my job ok,but I struggle to walk any distance,I have to use the trolley in the supermarket to support me.When ever I am at home I always elevate my foot.I have heard that insoles may work,I will be contacting my go tomorrow,will let you know how I get on 😁

    Initially I tried to do a self referral with physiotherapy,although they took all my details over the phone,they rang me a couple of days later to say they don't take self referrals for feet,I have to go through my gp which is why I paid privately to see a physiotherapist,but he sent me for another xray as I will still in significant pain 5 weeks later.That's when I was told I had arthritis through my foot.I will be ringing my gp again tomorrow and will let you know how I get on 😁