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I have bone on bone arthritis in my knee. had surgery on it where they shift the bone over on leg bone to change angles which helped a bit with the subluxations I was having. I am also hypermobile so pretty much all my joints slide out of right place. the surgery mostly stopped the knee cap sliding out but it is still painful. I can cope most of the time as long as do not over do the walking.

about 9 days ago I had to walk faster then I usually do and I have been having major problems ever since. knee is swollen and when I step and straighten the leg at unpredictable intervals there is a twanging type sensation behind the knee as if something is slipping and then it hurts like mad- level of slamming a finger in a door. Before surgery I used to get occassions where knee locked and they reckoned there were loose fragments catching in hinge of joint- which they removed when I had surgery. It feels somewhat like that again.

The strength has also dramatically lessened in that knee- it is a real effort to make it hold to go up stair- its gone weak suddenly. The function is still there but its weak.

I also have psorasis- don't know if thats connected. and my hips seem to have gone bad last 12 months too- even a gentle walk and they really hurt.

pain killers = I've had 2 steroid injections- first was great and it stopped worst of pain for weeks. 2nd - did nothing whatsoever.

I went for a temporary nerve block and they had to stop- it hurt so badly that although they got the nerves I was in agony-and it did not work

They tried me on pregabalin- I was as high as kite and was frightened as it was like walking around blind drunk. gave up on that after 3 weeks

Tramadol worked brilliantly but they only let me have it for 5 days!

I am already on an antidepressant that is suppost to help with pain. doesn't noticably.

I am taking high dose paracetamol with codeine plus ibuprofen . it is better then not taking it but not great.

pain clinic were ones who put me on pregabalin and gave me a lecture about thinking about other things will reduce pain- were helpful on working out what the maximum safe dose of stuff I currently take is but no other answers.

my question- has anyone got any idea what the * I have done to the back of my knee? It is not calming down- I do get flare ups when over do it but normally back to baseline within about 4 days- this twanging behind knee and weakness is new and does not seem to want to go away!!! oh and I am 48


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    Hi @sunnyside2,

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    To summarise, you have arthritis in your knee, suffer from psoriatic arthritis and are hypermobile. If appears that when you recently aggravated your knee this caused it to become weaker and has led to your experiencing significant pain. 

    Well you’ve certainly come to the right place to share the issues you’re experiencing and to, I hope, gain useful feedback from others who have faced similar symptoms.

    The following links may be useful to you which in combination with input from other forum members will help you identify precisely what you’ve done to your knee.  



    Best Wishes

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    Good morning sunnside 2 ive lost count the amount of times ive had my knees as i call it FLUSH AND GO...

    The locking as you call it are bits of yous cartlidge breaking off i was at a aikido demo in Wales was on the mat and i couldn't get up my cartlidge was caught under my knee cap...

    I know how you feel i had nearly ten years of that went from one leg to the other you put all your weight through your good leg that goes then the same with the other and your back pain is because your unbalanced and trying to compensate...

    The locking as you say is your cartlidge catching in the end in my right knee bone on bone and surgeon said my cartlidge looked like a jelly fish had a stick of dynomite put up its bottom...

    Had both knees replaced r,in 2014 age 49 l,in 2017 best thing i did mine was sporting abuse hope this helps...

    Get your body core strong planks are good and lay on your side leg raises quarter half and full leg raises went to knee class for six months after my opp...

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    Thank you , I am hoping GP can sort something out Monday for pain relief as I have managed to get a telephone appt . I am going to ask to be referred back to Orpho hospital to see what is going on and what can be done as this is just not settling down. I have found out our GP practise is not doing steroid injections due to being busy with covid so I also want to ask her whether it is a good idea for me to pay up for a private clinic to do it. I cannot really afford it but I can't go on like this either.

    Exercise- have had soooo much physio over years (I am 48 and this started when I hit 40) and I do try but as am hypermobile I cannot do a lot , had a lot of physio with a specialist hypermobility physio and still do the exercises when knee well enough but at moment can't do any. Just making it up the stairs to the bathroom is a painful exercise.

    I do however feel a bit better for having planed what I need to ask the GP on phone on Monday although I am a little disconcerted to notice according to the online booking form I have been allotted a one minute consult so I best talk quick lol

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    Hi @sunnyside2

    How did the appointment go? You did really well planning beforehand what you needed to say - I find that is really useful.

    Take care

    Yvonne x